Linkblogging For 14/9/14

Sorry most of the posts the last few days have been rather thin — I’ve had bad RSI and am trying not to hurt my hands too much. I’ll write more proper posts next week — my hands are improving — but for now you get links.

A Radio 4 documentary on Judee Sill, with interviews with Andy Partridge and Jim Pons, among others

How Parliament would have looked without Scottish MPs since 1997. Surprisingly, slightly more left-wing and liberal…

I just freed an innocent man from death row — and I’m furious

Even P.Z. Myers is sick of Dawkins’ bigoted rants now. I feel quite weird now that disliking Dawkins is so cool — I’m so rarely on the popular side of an argument.

The process of getting a UK spousal visa — something I’ve talked about before, but this is in an accessible Buzzfeed format, not my wall of text.

Kameron Hurley guest blogs on Charles Stross’ site to talk about the different possibilities for writers to create a career in the current flood of information.

Nick Barlow on workism and Jeremy Browne’s Race Plan

Society is fixed, biology is mutable

Leonard Pierce reviews Frank, the film sort-of about Frank Sidebottom

How nonmonogamy helped me escape from a life of poverty

And Jack Graham on Jack The Ripper

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  1. TAD says:

    In the Dawkins, I think it’s his attitude that makes him so unpopular, more than what he’s saying. He’s a hard person to like.

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