Linkblogging For 18/08/14

Just a few links today. My anxiety has been playing up the last few days, so I’ve not had a chance to get much written…

This sums up a lot of the problems I’ve had with films recently — Guardians of the Galaxy, the Star Trek reboots… basically every geek film of the last few years.

Who stole the four-hour workday?

PSA prostate cancer screening is worse than useless

Alix Mortimer on the use and misuse of the sharing hunter-gatherers/hoarding farmers idea

The government breaks up British families

Nick Barlow wants to know who counts as a “family” to David Cameron

Fred Clark on centrism

Lord Bonkers on the inflatable Julian Huppert

And Scott Alexander on depression, people feeling like burdens, and what that should mean for society.

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  1. TAD says:

    I couldn’t agree more about The Hobbit movies. I loved Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies, but he misread The Hobbit from the get-go and discarded all the character depth for chase scenes and extended battle sequences. It’s not The Hobbit. It’s a big dumb movie(s).

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