Linkblogging For 4/8/14

Not much to write today because I had insomnia last night and had to work late today, so you get links:

Labour are attacking the Tories from the right over immigration and benefits

Jennie describes the Labour Party’s normal thought-processes

Korzybski’s Science And Sanity is free to read online — I’ve never read this, but it hugely influenced a lot of people I *have* read.

A collection of different versions of the Robin Hood legends

And a nurse who deals with terminally ill patients writes about Torchwood: Miracle Day (a TV show in which everyone in the world became unable to die, no matter how ill or injured — unsurprisingly, she has *opinions* about this programme).

And being entirely self-congratulatory, here’s a nice review of my book An Incomprehensible Condition, by Lawrence Burton

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  1. Hollistic Tendancies says:

    Your last link is broken.

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