Linkblogging For 30/06/14

Before I start this, a brief apology — I know that people are expecting California Dreaming, Cerebus and Liberal Future posts, and there haven’t been any over the last few weeks, and nor have there been any more Hugo posts. There probably won’t be for the next couple of weeks either.  I’ve had a truly horrible few weeks, and while I’m trying to keep to posting something every day, the stresses I’ve been under, and the consequent health problems, haven’t allowed me to do the kind of sustained thought that is required for those series of posts.

I am hoping to have a proper post up tomorrow, but today I’m incapable of writing anything much, so you get links.

Michael Leddy points out the problems with Tim’s Vermeer

A track made up from just the sounds that are lost when encoding an MP3 of Tom’s Diner

Mark Evanier on Bill Finger’s lack of credit for Batman

A Sherlock Holmes story by Neil Gaiman

The Ministry of Justice want to know how best to spend the money allocated to help men and boys who have been raped.

And Ken Campbell reading the audiobook version of Illuminatus! is up on YouTube (links to the first video, the rest can be found in related videos)

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