Linkblogging For 21/06/14

I’m trying to stockpile a few posts for next week, as I’ll be away for Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday, going to see Mike Love’s Beach Boys in That London. (I’ll be reviewing them on July 6, the day after I see Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, because I think it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast the two halves of the surviving Beach Boys doing essentially the same set a week apart…) so today you just get links.

Sarah Brown’s speech on not being fully accepted as a lesbian

What happened when scientists tried to publish a paper investigating time travel

Scalzi on Yog’s Law and self-publishing

Scott Aaronson on attempting to formulate morality game-theoretically

Charles Stross is running a competition. The comments are of varying quality, but if you’ve read and enjoyed the Laundry books you’ll laugh at at least some.

Millennium on statistics

And Jennie Rigg on Fabricant and freedom of speech. It’s good to see Jennie writing more.

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