Linkblogging For 17/06/14

I’m still not entirely at my best, so no long posts today, but I am trying to keep to a schedule of posting something worthwhile here every day, so have some links:

First, I’ve discovered that there are two overlapping terms, “Menippean satire” and “anatomy”, which cover the fiction I most enjoy reading, and are well known in the academic world. They’re defined in The Anatomy Of Criticism by Northrop Frye , and someone’s kindly put the whole book online (I assume legally, there are links to at the top, though the links are broken). I’ve not read the book yet, but the excerpts I’ve seen quoted are fascinating.

An oldie, but a goodie — how to convincingly write fake conspiracy theorist writing.

A Goodreads giveaway to win Philip Purser-Hallard’s new novel.

Scott Aaronson explains quantum randomness in simple terms

A paper on why we should have a four-day, thirty-hour work week. Lib Dems should take note — even the subtitle of this is practically SEFS…

Fred Clark on the roots of modern US evangelism in slavery.

A lot of things that may help if you have depression. My own assessment is that some of these are very likely to help, and others less so, but the author is more qualified than me and sets out the case for each so you can decide for yourself.

Alex Wilcock on Doctor Who, The Green Death, and Liberal values

And Andrew Rilstone’s omnibus of all his Doctor Who writing (which I helped proofread, and which I created the ebook versions of) is now available. It’s fantastic, and you should buy it.

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