Ebook Version of Incomprehensible Condition Finally Fixed

I’ve not been able to get much writing done this weekend — my sleep pattern is such that I slept from midnight Friday night to 2:30PM yesterday, then from 5AM to 9:30 today, rather than anything that might be conducive to actual cognition — but I have managed to get the second edition ebooks of An Incomprehensible Condition fixed and uploaded. Anyone who’d bought the original versions from Smashwords or Amazon direct should, I think, have access to the revised versions, although it’ll take a few hours for the new files to go live on their servers. I’ve no idea if that applies if you bought from, say, Kobo or iBooks. I’m glad I’ve got rid of a small, but nasty, stain on what I still think is the best book of mine to have been released (Faction Paradox: Head of State is better, I think, but that won’t be out for a few months).
Proper update tonight if I can pull one together…

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