Linkblogging for 12/06/14

Having a pretty rubbish day, so you just get links. Be grateful you even get that, swine.

A nice piece on the 1909 hit song I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife, But Oh! You Kid!

Wisse Words on Marion Zimmer Bradley and fandom’s toleration of child abuse

How the absurd single member plurality system we use can (and does) produce distorted results in elections

Leonard Pierce on the 2013 film of Romeo & Juliet

Charles Stross on the difficulty of predicting the near future in Scottish politics

A letter from Helen Keller after she “heard” a broadcast of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony


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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 12/06/14

  1. hilker says:

    Via the Monterey Herald, Mike Love’s house is for sale:

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, I’d heard about that (though not seen the link, so thanks for that). If I hadn’t just bought a house already, I’d consider it ;)

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