Linkblogging For 31/05/14

Just a few links today, as I’ve been out watching the Rutles in Liverpool. Proper posts tomorrow.

Alan Moore is doing some work for a new comics app, which will be licensed under the Apache license rather than being proprietary crap like Comixology

Lee Griffin looks forward to the next year in politics

You need autistic friends

Scott Alexander on trigger warnings. Scott Alexander really annoys me, because half the time he’s promoting “anti-feminism” or “biological realism” (racism) in that libertarian “but I’m just looking at the arguments” kind of way, but then the other half the time he posts stuff like this which is *exactly* the point I’ve been trying to make to people about trigger warnings, and why they’re actually a good idea.
(It’s unsurprising he’s a regular on LessWrong, which has a similar mix of “YES!” and “oh my God, how can you be so stupid and remember to breathe?”)

And I don’t remember if I linked this before, but Phil Purser-Hallard has a new fantasy trilogy coming out soon, and a new website for it. Phil’s one of my very favourite current writers, and you should all buy his books.

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