Linkblogging For 26/5/14

Now that the huge pile of crises and stresses that was May has finished, I expect to be able to do some sort of post here every day for the forseeable future. I’ve got a California Dreaming post half-written, a Cerebus post for Mindless Ones planned out, and a politics post drafted in my head, but while I get them written, you can have links.

Another Angry Voice talks (mostly) sense about the council election results (apart from the bit about Lib Dems ‘conning’ voters that we’re left of Labour, which we are)

NASA have released a free ebook about communicating with extraterrestrials

The Yorkshire Ranter looks at the breakdown of who exactly is in UKIP

An algorithm has been appointed director of a company

Amazon: Malignant Monopoly or Just Plain Evil?

Jennie on why she’s staying in the Lib Dems

Shabogan Graffiti has had a UKIP surge

AND Lance Parkin says “there’s no such thing as UKIP”

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