An Incomprehensible Condition, Second Edition

I’ve put out the second edition of An Incomprehensible Condition, my book on the Grant Morrison/various artists comic Seven Soldiers of Victory, in hardback, paperback, and PDF versions. Epub and Kindle will have to wait for tomorrow, as they require annoying formatting to be done.

The “Note On The Second Edition” in the text reads:

This second edition is identical to the first, except for the alteration of four words which inadvertantly reinforced transphobic ideas. In the description of the comic Camelot 3000 I have replaced the phrase “born female” with “assigned female at birth”, and three descriptions of a character’s pre-transition identity which read “she” have been changed to “he”.

This is not in an attempt to change the historical record, but in an effort to ensure that I do not continue to perpetuate such ideas. I knew better when I wrote the book, just as I know better now, but I was thoughtless. I could and should have done better.

No other changes have been made.

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