I Aten’t Dead

Just so people are aware , I expect to be back to regular blogging, Twitter, and Tumbling this time next week. I’ve always known that this month was going to be the most difficult one of the year, between the fact that my in-laws were staying for a week until yesterday and the council and Euro elections next Thursday.

(Part of the reason I’m not blogging at the moment is that I don’t want to do anything on my blog that could be construed as election campaigning, because there are regulations it would be inconvenient for me to meet. Better not to post until the elections are safely over.)

Saturday of next week is my belated housewarming and thank-god-the-elections-are-over party, then Sunday of next week I should be uploading the second edition of An Incomprehensible Condition (with the inadvertantly transphobic language corrected). I’m thinking of releasing that under a CC-BY-NC-SA license, incidentally (or maybe a noderivs variant, I’ve not decided yet), as an experiment — I don’t think that that gives away any rights I’m afraid of losing. Anyone with an ebook copy bought from Smashwords or Amazon should just be able to download the new version when it’s ready, but there’ll be no changes other than to bring the language in line with my intention in that section.

Finally, a bit of news that’s making me curious and excited — there have been personnel changes in all of the Beach Boys related bands. Matt Jardine (Al Jardine’s son and falsetto singer for the Surf City All Stars) has joined Brian Wilson’s band, replacing Jeff Foskett (until very recently Brian Wilson’s right hand man), who is joining the touring Beach Boys replacing Christian Love (Mike Love’s son). Al Jardine and Dave Marks, who last year toured with Brian Wilson, this year are making at least one, possibly more, appearance with Mike Love’s touring Beach Boys, though not joining them full time. All very odd.

(And there are rumours of a 50th Anniversary Pet Sounds show or tour in 2016…)

Anyway, I’ll be back around on Sunday 25th.

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