Linkblogging for 17/04/14

Now that the house-moving stuff and the health stuff have settled down, and I’ve nearly finished the formatting-someone-else’s-ebook stuff, I’m planning to use much of the long weekend to build up a backlog of posts for here for the next few weeks. While you’re waiting for that, have some links:

Yahoo’s core business —, flickr, tumblr and the rest, every Yahoo! service anyone outside China knows about — is worth -$3.45 billion. Yes, that’s a minus sign.

Brad Hicks, one of my favourite bloggers, is posting again on a new site

The arrow of time is caused by quantum entanglement or, rather, they’re the same thing…

No, Easter is not about Ishtar

Slate Star Codex on the problem with the “skeptic” movement

And both Plok and Simon Bucher-Jones responded to the writing meme…

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