Linkblogging for 07/04/14

Firstly, my apologies for my lack of recent posts. Since this time last month I’ve attended Lib Dem conference, been laid low with pneumonia for two weeks, moved house, and proofread a five-hundred page book for Andrew Rilstone (and I’m still in the process of formatting his ebook, which I’m behind schedule with — if you’re one of his Kickstarter backers, it’s my fault, not his, that you haven’t got your ebooks yet). The next few weeks I plan to get as much written here as possible, because May is going to be ludicrously full again…

I’ll be back posting properly once I’ve got the ebook done (a day or two, I think), but for now, have links:

Amazingly, the Independent actually had a sensible piece for Autism Awareness Day

Charles Stross on why jobs are a bad thing

Leonard Pierce on geeks and “born this way” arguments

Peter Watts on Heinlein, oxytocin, and group selection

The inexplicable rise of open-plan offices Someone brought up open plan offices in the equalities consultation at conference, and I actually shouted “Yes!” — they’re hateful things, damaging to both health and “productivity”.

Scott Aaronson on promoting science for the right reasons A lot of what he talks about there actually also fits very well with political messaging.


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