Not back yet due to @btcare incompetence

Despite us booking in a visit two weeks ago, and despite them having a five-hour timeslot in which to turn up (8AM-1PM), the engineer to connect my home phone and internet didn’t bother to turn up in that timeslot.
Holly has since discovered that there’s a fault on the line that needs fixing before the internet can be connected, and that “hopefully today or tomorrow” they’ll sort it out. They didn’t bother letting us know this, though, until she phoned up to find out where the technician she’d waited in for all day was.
If this *isn’t* sorted today, I shall be emailing BT’s chief executive tomorrow, as last time we had problems with them (this time last year, when they cut us off for a month because someone moved into the flat upstairs) no lower level of employee actually bothered to lift a finger to rectify the problem.
But given BT’s appaling uselessness, don’t expect me to be back any time soon. I can see this stretching for months just like last time, and it’s only the equal incompetence of TalkTalk and Virgin that prevent me from moving to them.
Were there to be a single *competent* phone company/ISP, they’d capture 99% of the market, guaranteed, within months of starting up…

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1 Response to Not back yet due to @btcare incompetence

  1. Hollistic Tendancies says:

    I always like it when your pessimism turns out to be misplaced.

    Admittedly the phone still doesn’t work. But that’ll just keep your parents from phoning you. :) And it can’t be anything too bad if the broadband’s working.

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