Apologies for Continued Absence

I’m more or less over the pneumonia now, but still fatigued as hell — I went to bed at 8PM yesterday, and slept eleven and three-quarter hours. Between that, work, and buying a house (contracts were exchanged today) I’ve not had time to write.

My current plan is that over this weekend I’m going to write a bunch of posts — say, five — and schedule them over the next fortnight. Most will be California Dreaming posts, as that has to be my priority as people have paid for that, but I hope to have at least one post done for the Mindless Ones over that time too. They’ll be scheduled over a period of a fortnight as between Saturday the 28th (when we move) and Wednesday the 2nd I’ll have no home internet.

Once that period’s over, I’ll *hopefully* be physically well enough that I can get some solid writing done over April. Basically, I’ve lost an entire month to this infection, and I’m wanting to catch up as soon as I’m able…

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