Linkblogging For 05/02/14

I’m working on the next California Dreaming post (on Memories Of El Monte) but it might not be up until Friday, as tomorrow night I’m off to see Kristian Hoffman and Joey Arias, so have some links for now.

And if I don’t post it soon, someone poke me to write the piece about Lib-Labbery I’ve been meaning to write for about three weeks…

First off, I’m in the Pop World Cup again. VOTE ITALY!

Autistic brains create more information [than those of neurotypicals] when at rest

Max Tegmark on why parallel universes aren’t unscientific nonsense

Free (legal) readings and adaptations of SF stories as MP3s

A deed poll generator — if you’re in England or Wales and want to change your name, just fill in this form, print it off, and get someone to witness you signing it. Especially useful for trans people who don’t want to pay expensive lawyers’ fees.

Matthew Rossi on why survivors of sexual abuse may wait years before going public. May be hugely triggering, but worth reading if you can.

Uncle Bernie, Novelty Mart, and Frank Zappa in the comics

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