Would It Be An Idea For Me To Use Patreon?

Via Phil Sandifer, I’ve just become aware of Patreon, a crowdfunding site that is set up unlike Kickstarter in that it is designed for paying people to create regular, small pieces of content rather than large individual ones — it’s for bloggers, webcomics people, that sort of thing.

I’m wondering whether this would be something that people would be interested in doing with my blog — like, if you want me to write more short stories, sign up to pay a pound every time I post a short story to the blog, or if you prefer my music posts sign up to pay a pound for every music post. Or politics post, or whatever. That way, if I write stuff people are interested in reading, I get paid. Of course, the books I produce do pay me some money, but that’s an incentive to concentrate on stuff that can be turned into books, and I’ve noticed over the last couple of years I’ve done fewer standalone things, which I miss doing.

It’d also be an incentive to me to post more frequently again.

I’m just interested in the possibility right now, not necessarily going to do it, but if I did this, how many people would actually sign up for it?

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2 Responses to Would It Be An Idea For Me To Use Patreon?

  1. Susan says:

    Yes, absolutely. I hadn’t heard of Patreon, that’s really interesting. I may have to point some other friends at it.

  2. Lawrence Sojka says:

    I’d sign up to read your always insightful, sometimes laugh aloud pieces on music.

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