Linkblogging For 20/01/14

Sorry for my extended absence from writing. I had the flu over the Xmas period, and I’ve been wiped out ever since — utterly exhausted and unable to deal with the most basic things. I’ve not been able to even cope with Tumblr or Twitter recently, let alone anything requiring actual thought, and not only have I not written much, I’ve not even *read* much.

I do have a lot of posts planned out in my head — more California Dreaming and How To Build Your Own Time Machine posts, and a piece on the recent outbreak of Lib-Labbery and how almost everyone seems to be misinterpreting it. But they’ll have to wait a few days yet. In the meantime, have links:

Workfare works and half of the people on benefits are committing fraud. What sort of right-wing monster could be saying that? Polly Toynbee (in 1997).

Every episode of Marc Bolan’s “Marc” TV series from 1977 is on Youtube

The BBC have released a lot of celebrity voice samples as CC-BY

Lawrence Miles’ new non-Doctor Who blog on the origin of the word superhero

Vaka Rangi on the start of slash fiction and Mary Sue

Mark Evanier on why popular TV shows get cancelled

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