Linkblogging for 9/1/14

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been working on stuff, but also distracted by personal nonsense. I’m hoping at the very least to get some book reviews posted soon, and with any luck the next California Dreaming post on Saturday. But for now, links.

A woman from Liverpool sued her divorce lawyers for not advising her that her divorce would end her marriage, thus violating her belief in sanctity of marriage.

An explanation of what the passive voice actually is, and why so many people get it wrong

An interview with Max Tegmark

Lawrence Burton is unimpressed with Supergods

The PUA Who Negged Supergirl

Cindy & Biscuit issue 4 is out. Buy it!

Apparently the US was going to have a Citizen’s Income under Nixon, until a study (wrongly) showed that it made women so independent that the divorce rate went up.

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