Linkblogging For 18/12/13

I’m working on stuff that’s not for this blog at the moment — doing a rewrite of a short story for an anthology, interviewing Phil Sandifer for the Mindless Ones, doing a guest post on Final Crisis for Phil’s blog, and finishing up the second draft of my novel — so my apologies for the lack of updates. I’ll be away next week in the US, as well, so don’t expect a huge amount of updating before the New Year.
Once 2014 starts, though, I should have all my outside projects cleared, and then should be able to get on with continuing the California Dreaming, How To Build Your Own Time Machine and Liberal Future posts. I’m also planning to do a series of comics posts on Mindless Ones starting early next year. So stay patient…
In the meantime, read this other stuff:

Jennie on the centre ground of politics

Debi on superhero toys for girls

The M&Mification of the world

Charles Stross doesn’t like bitcoin much

We need to talk about TED

You can extract someone’s GnuPG key by listening to the sounds their laptop makes (in the lab, with known ciphertext, but still astonishing

How the Sex Pistols saved Christmas for striking firefighters

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