Me on the radio tonight.

Tonight at 8PM on Resonance FM — Clear Spot:Novelising Doctor Who

I did an interview with Lawrence Miles for this show, on at 8PM today. About ten minutes of the programme, starting at the half-hourish mark, is the interview segment. An hour-long podcast version of just the interview will be available next week.

The podcast, like the radio show, will contain bits of the interview I did along with the interview that producer/presenter Alex Fitch did afterwards — he had stuff he’d wanted covered that didn’t get covered in the initial hour-long conversation. It’ll still be edited to remove off-the-record remarks, me messing with my mic, and that sort of thing, but it should be a very, very interesting listen.

The radio show also has interviews with Terrance Dicks, Marc Platt, and other Who novelists.

I apologise for the fact that I sound like a stammering, obsequious, half-wit on the interview. This is only because that is, in fact, what I am.

(Also, the plug for my work at the end of the interview was Alex Fitch’s idea, not something I asked for.)

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