Final Fifty Stories Post on Mindless Ones — And My Book On Doctor Who Is Out!

This post is going to go live at precisely midnight — at which point it will be the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who.

Enough people said they would want a book of my Fifty Stories For Fifty Years essays that I’ve put one together, and that is also available from midnight tonight. You can buy it as a paperback, hardback, Kindle ebook (US) (UK), or non-Kindle ebook (with no DRM on the ebooks). And for those of you who visit us at Thought Bubble, you can buy a paperback copy off me personally.

But if you just want to read the last essay in the book, you can read it at Mindless Ones, as usual. Annoyingly, including a bracket that all my proofreading missed…

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    • I’ve read some of these on your blog, but I’m especially enjoying them as an entity, having bought it for Kindle.
      Cheers Simon BJ

      • Andrew Hickey says:

        Very glad you’re enjoying them. Sorry that the only one of your things to be covered in there is The Book Of The War — but if I ever do a Sixty Stories update, I expect that Brakespeare would be this year’s entry.

  2. After the ‘recent dispatches’ see the entry from “The Book Of The Peace” on my blog….heh.

    Simon BJ

  3. Mike Taylor says:

    Many congratulations! I am about to buy the book (and will do so despite the complaint I’m about to make) but it looks like the very cheapest hardcopy (paperback and the slowest shipping option) comes to $21.48 (£13.16), which seems very steep for a 280-page paperback. Is that really the cheapest option, or did I miss something obvious?

    Also, why is the price given in US$? My dissertation is on Lulu ( but the price is given as £12.02 (which by the way is jolly good value for a 285-page A4 hardback!) so they obviously do handle UK prices.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      It’s showing as £10 to me — not sure why it would show differently for you. I don’t know what the postage options are, but it sounds to me like it might be calculating those from the US, too — even though I know they *do* have fulfillment centres in the UK…
      I know £10 is a little much for a paperback, but it’s priced that high because more than ninety per cent of the sales come through Amazon rather than directly through Lulu, and once Amazon have taken their cut I only end up with something in the region of £1 per book myself for the paperbacks even at that price. This is why I tend to encourage people to go for the ebooks — they cost less than half the price, and I make more from them than I do from the paperbacks when bought from Amazon (I actually make the most from paperbacks bought through Lulu).
      Thanks for buying it anyway.

      • Mike Taylor says:

        That’s really weird: now it IS showing it to me in pounds.

        … ten minutes later …

        I just bought it at £10 plus free P&P. Happy christmas, me!

  4. Mike Taylor says:

    BTW., I just noticed this on the front page:

    Free shipping on up to 14 items
    Set your shipping cost to $0 and go find something amazing. The coupon works on books, photo books and calendars.
    Offer extended through 15 Dec 2013 at 11:59 PM
    Use Code: FREESHIP

    Which makes quite a difference to the price.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, Lulu *often* have very good offers — their front page usually has some sort of promo code like that on it. I tweet them when I notice, but I often miss them because there are so many.

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