Reminder: @mindlessones at @thoughtbubbleuk this weekend

For the third year running, the Mindless Ones will be at the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds, far and away Britain’s best comic convention. This time, we’ll have a whole TWO tables in the Allied London Hall (meaning that we’ll have done all three halls), and we need them, because there’s lots of stuff for sale.

I can only talk publicly about *my* stuff here, but I will have the first ten copies ever printed of my collection of essays about Doctor Who, Fifty Stories For Fifty Years, available — it comes out tomorrow, the day of the anniversary itself (I haven’t even looked at the copies myself yet, so they’re unproofed — caveat lector). I will also have copies of my book about Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers, An Incomprehensible Condition, and my essays about comics and Doctor Who, Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!, as well as my short story collection Ideas And Entities. I may have one or two copies of my music books as well if I have any left over from last year (I haven’t checked). I will also scribble in the books if you wish. If you’re very lucky I may even let you suck on my nuts.*

But along with me will be Bobsy, Illogical Volume, The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus, Mr Attack, and special Mindless auxiliary/wife of me Hollistic Tendancies. All of them will have things to sell you as well, and they’ll all be wonderful. Most of them have even got actual comics, not just books with words in like what I do.

AND NOT ONLY THAT! This year Lactus and The Beast will be doing a special LIVE SILENCE! — you, yes YOU could be a part of comics’ greatest podcast, and maybe be among those few mortals who have gazed upon the face of Lactus and lived to tell the tale.


There are some other people going to be there as well — nonentities like Kate Beaton, Paul Cornell, Becky Cloonan, Nicholas Gurwitch, David Hine, Frazer Irving, David Lloyd, John McCrea, Peter Milligan, Cameron Stewart, Al Ewing, Oscar Zarate, D’Israeli…  but why would you want to see a bunch of nobodies like that, when there’s so much Hot Mindless Action to be had?



*I bring a large bag of sugared almonds for just such an eventuality.

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  2. Hollistic Tendancies says:

    I hope we don’t have to climb under the tables like last year.

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