Linkblogging For 19/11/13

Situation report: The Who book is done, and if I get VERY lucky I will have the first ten copies available for sale on Saturday at Thought Bubble. Caveat lector — I’ve not looked at these myself, yet, so there may be uncaught errors.

I’m out tomorrow to see They Might Be Giants, and I’m finishing a short story with a deadline of a few days from now, so don’t expect anything more before Thought Bubble. But as of next Monday, I’ll be posting here more — I have no other major plans now, other than finishing the novel.

Links, so I can close some browser tabs.

The case for a basic income

A Pop Garden Christmas — a compilation of powerpop Christmas songs by people like Blake Jones, Lisa Mychols and others, available for $10.

The writing submission policies (or lack of them) for various comic publishers

A day in the life of an empowered female character

A YouTube video of Stewart Lee giving a talk to Oxford University about writing and giving the appearance of not writing.

Jac Rayner investigates the identities of the delegates in The Daleks’ Master-Plan

Fandom Lenses on not being defined by labels

Liking problematic stuff doesn’t make you a bad person

The tyranny of indistinguishability

Leonard Pierce on bullying in American football

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10 Responses to Linkblogging For 19/11/13

  1. Sarah Clark says:

    Hey, thanks for the link! I owe you one :-)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      No problem — it’s a good piece. (And when I shared it on The Old Reader, my wife — who *hates* Nez, but does know all about not being defined by a disability — reshared it, so I know it has wider appeal.)

      • Sarah Clark says:

        Yay! Tell her I’m glad she enjoyed it. :-) I really am looking at expanding “the brand” into other fandoms after Chicago, and that gives me heart that what I’n posting may be more than just a self-indulgent diary (I worry about that at times…)

  2. Jason says:

    Will you be putting the Who book on Kindle

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I will, but just to be clear, this is Who as in Doctor Who, not Who as in the band.

      • jasondikes says:

        well, then, that’s different. I’ll just wait for the next kinks or Beach boys book

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          Fair enough :) The next music book will be California Dreaming, a look at the LA pop music scene in the 60s, which should be out next year, and then I’ll start on Beach Boys vol 3.

  3. David Lewis says:

    Did get a bit excited: I thought you’d done The Who (and if you check my blog, I’m a fan of your work). Nonetheless I’ll probably pick up the Dr book anyway.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Well, thanks for that, and sorry it’s not The Who, just *a* Who. I’m afraid I just don’t have enough to say about The Who to warrant a book. And having checked your blog, thanks so much for the kind words.

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