Brief Update

Just so people know, I’m still hoping to have the book version of Fifty Stories available for Thought Bubble. But I’ve been unwell recently and still haven’t finished copy-editing. If I can get it completed by Saturday, there’s a chance I’ll have copies to sell at Thought Bubble, but I’m not going to guarantee it. If I don’t, it’s entirely my own fault — I’ve just been too exhausted from my various illnesses to sit down and concentrate for any length of time.

I’ve been rubbish about replying to their emails, so I’ll just say here, as publicly as possible, that Alex Wilcock and Plok have both gone miles out of their way to help me with this, giving me tons of great feedback. I haven’t been able to use it all — Plok sometimes sees so much unfulfilled potential in my essays that I’d have to write three or four new ones to tease out all the threads he suggests, and I’m up against a deadline — but I’ve used a great deal, and it’s improved the book immensely.

Once this is out of way, I’ll be finishing off a short story I’ve been commissioned to write for an anthology, which will take a chunk of next week (but will be worth it). After that, posting here should get back to being at least semi-regular, and I’ll return to Tumblr, though I’ve still got the second draft of the novel to complete.

But theoretically, after Thought Bubble, you’ll start seeing more posts in the Liberalism and Time Machine series. I’ll try to get a California Dreaming post up on Sunday.

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  1. Richard says:

    That may be the single most apt description of Plok ever composed.

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