Brief Update

Just so you know why I’ve not been posting here (or on Tumblr, where I’ll crosspost this) for a week or so:
I’ve been trying desperately to get the Doctor Who Fifty Stories… book done in time for Thought Bubble, which is on the 23rd, the same day as the fiftieth anniversary. Unfortunately, Lulu have a roughly three-week turnaround time for the first copies of a new book, and despite a *LOT* of help from Plok, Alex, Richard, Holly and others, the book’s still not in shape (it needs an introduction, a last chapter, and half of the index to be done).
This is because I’ve been unable to use my CPAP machine for a couple of days, and so I’m actually sick with exhaustion, and haven’t been able to concentrate enough to get the work done.
I *should* still have copies at Thought Bubble — and in fact they will be a Special Limited Thought Bubble Edition — because I’ll get a few printed up from Lightning Source (thanks to Penny Andrews suggesting this), who do a faster turnaround than Lulu. They’ll be paperback only, and won’t have the ISBN that the Lulu one has, and I *may* do something to distinguish them from the standard run, though I’ll charge the same for them.
But if I do have them, it’ll be because of the superhuman efforts of the people who’ve helped me with this.
Normal bloggery and Tumblation should resume in a couple of days…

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