Linkblogging For 30/10/13

The logic of stupid poor people

/dev/null as a service

Phil Sandifer’s ebook about Wonder Woman is now out. For one day only you can get $1 off with the code PM73L

The fingerprints of the lone maverick researcher

Plok on Star Trek: Into Darkness

And Shabogan Graffiti on Cybermen and the Borg

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  1. TAD says:

    I’m surprised that most people love the last JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. I think it was abysmal, myself. It’s just a rehashed story from the past with lots of chase scenes and explosions. All of the best lines in it are recycled from past Trek movies and episodes. The best Star Trek moments have never been about chase scenes and special effects, it’s always been about the characters. Abrams is the most over-rated director in the business, in my opinion.

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