Linkblogging For 26/10/13

Over the next few days I’m going to be getting the last few Doctor Who posts up, as well as one or two California Dreaming ones, but I’ll otherwise not be around very much for a little while, as I’m then going to be furiously working on the Who essays to get them turned into a book in time for the anniversary and Thought Bubble, and I’m also trying to get the second draft of my novel finished and to get a short story to the editor who commissioned it.

Once all that non-this-blog writing has been done, though, you can expect me to get back to writing a wider variety here, including continuing with How To Build Your Own Time Machine and The Liberal Future, and on Mindless Ones, where I plan to finally write some more comics stuff. Bear with me for a couple more weeks…

Meanwhile, links:

A wonderful series of posts I missed at the time, covering the whole Marvelman rights issue in immense detail

Tim O’Neil on Dave Sim

Andrew Rilstone on the newly-found episodes of Doctor Who

The Comics Journal on Dave Berg

The roots of the US government shutdown

Holly on immigration

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