Linkblogging For 16/09/13

Apologies for the lack of updates recently — I’ve been unwell, and before that my wife was. (Just the flu, nothing too bad, but I’m still not well enough to focus properly on writing).

So have a few links:

Obverse books have another open call for authors, this time for an Iris Wildthyme collection edited by Phil Purser-Hallard.

The Feynman Lectures In Physics are being made available legally, for free, in HTML format for anyone to read online. Volume 1 is up now, and the others will follow.

A post from Shabogan Graffiti, from before I started reading it, which perfectly summarises my problems with much of post-2005 Who (Tilt and Lawrence may both find themselves nodding a lot…)

Phil Sandifer on Terrance Dicks

Anti-censorship speeches from Zoe O’Connell and Sarah Brown (and some background on that )

And Tim Farron’s absolutely wonderful speech to Lib Dem conference

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