Linkblogging For 8/09/13

I haven’t done a linkblog for a while, mostly because I’ve not been spending as much time online as usual, but I thought I’d do a quick roundup today.

Gavin Robinson has a great basic primer on liberalism here.

Lawrence Burton on Simon Bucher-Jones’ Bernice Summerfield novel Ghost Devices

Bruce Schneier tells you how to remain secure(ish) given the revelations (which should have surprised absolutely nobody) about the NSA. Personally I live my online life fairly publicly, and don’t need security from surveillance. But that’s an informed choice I’ve made (and one I may well change in the future). If you’re not informed, *GET* informed — Schneier’s writing is a good place to start. (This is also why Free Software is important. If you’re running Free Software, your computer is doing what you tell it to. If you’re running non-free software, it’s doing whatever the coders tell it to, and you have to hope that that’s what you want.)

Hayden Childs on why he doesn’t like Beeswing by Richard Thompson. (Incidentally, if you haven’t bought Hayden’s absolutely *wonderful* book on Shoot Out The Lights, you need to. It’s the best book in the 33 1/3 series by a long, long way.)

Leonard Pierce looks at a master of swearing

Phil Sandifer on Wikipedia’s shameful misgendering of Chelsea Manning

One for Rachel, who’s often expressed a wish that I write about David Bowie — Pushing Ahead Of The Dame, a blog I’d been hearing good things about for years from Phil Sandifer, Tom Ewing and others, but only bothered to check out yesterday. It’s doing the same kind of song-by-song analysis for Bowie that I’ve done for the Beach Boys, Kinks and Monkees, going from his very first demos to the present day. Well worth a read.

And finally, congratulations to Alex and Richard (and Millennium), two of my very favourite people in the world, on their engagement.

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  1. Rachel Kate says:

    I did actually read that entire blog, start to present, a couple months ago, and I adore it!
    (I still wanna read your take on Bowie, though. *sigh*)

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