RIP Fred Pohl

I couldn’t let this go without comment.

The funniest, cleverest, and most humane of all the Golden Age SF greats died today, aged 93. He was still sharp, politically outspoken, and writing until a couple of days ago — you can see his blog, which was required reading, at

I’d been almost sure he was immortal. A massive loss…

If you’ve not read any of his stuff, Baen have a great Best Of of his short stories as a DRM-free ebook for $5. I can think of very few better ways to spend that little money.

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3 Responses to RIP Fred Pohl

  1. Ugh. Somewhat weirdly just three hours ago I was talking to a book dealer at the SF World Con in San Antonio who apparently knew him fairly well. I guess he hadn’t heard.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      The news got out less than an hour ago, and Pohl actually blogged this morning, US time. Must have been very sudden, which is one consolation…

  2. Richard says:

    Yes to everything you said about Pohl. I’m just so glad we had that blog to read; knowing that he was still at it right up to the end makes this a little easier to bear, though not nearly enough. I’m still stunned by this.

    I posted a comment at which comes across as a lot more pretentious than I want it to be (that always happens when I’m upset about something) but I’ll leave it as it is because there’s no way I can write something adequate to my feelings tonight. I just wanted him to always be there; he was “the science fiction writer” personified.

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