Beach Boys Book Volume 2 Now Available!

BBs Vol 2 Cover

The second volume of my Beach Boys essays is now available in paperback, hardback, and all non-Kindle ebook formats. It will be available within a few hours on Amazon for the Kindle (US link, UK link).

As always, with all my books, the ebooks are DRM-free. Also as always, the paper copies are priced so that when the paperbacks get sold through Amazon I’ll only make as much from them as I do from the ebooks (I make more if you buy them from Lulu).

If you do buy them — thank you. And please let your friends know and leave a review.

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3 Responses to Beach Boys Book Volume 2 Now Available!

  1. TAD says:

    You mean leave a review that goes something like…..”Book gud! I like book.”

    Congratulations on finishing the book and getting it out there. :)

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