Yet another stroppy email I’ve had to send to Amazon…

This time about the Beach Boys’ Made In California box set:

I pre-ordered this item months ago because I want to get it on release day. You have since changed the release date on the page to 2nd September, from 26th August, and changed the delivery date accordingly.
However, other people who pre-ordered (and did so after me) have told me that their delivery date has remained the same, while the record label itself says ( ) that it is still due to come out on the 26th. Meanwhile Amazon Germany actually has it coming out on the 23rd!

Can you tell me why my pre-order is currently down to be shipped more than a week after release? This is not the first time this has happened, either. I placed order [redacted: Nilsson — Flash Harry], again as a pre-order, with express delivery. That CD came out on the 13th, yet it’s still not been dispatched.

Are you actually going to get me this box set dispatched on the day of its release (I will accept it arriving on the 27th given that the 26th is a bank holiday) or should I take my custom elsewhere?

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