Progress Report on Writing

Just a quick update here for those who are wondering how my various writing projects are going.

The Beach Boys book should be coming out at the end of next week. I’ve been revising it based on beta-readers’ comments, and have now fixed all the factual errors and obvious grammatical problems they’ve brought up. However, Plok has sent me a series of comments which are closer to editorial feedback than to proofreading, and some of them require me to be fairly mentally together to do what’s required, and I’ve been quite unwell recently. Once that’s done, I need to read over it one last time and create the index. This is roughly 51,000 words. (Note — most of my previous books have been around the 40,000 word mark).

My novel needs about 10,000 words of additional material writing for it, to add in a couple of subplots suggested by my beta readers and editor which will improve it no end. This mostly requires adding in new chapters rather than reworking other ones. The novel currently stands at about 60,000 words, but will be about 70,000 words by the time it’s done. This is waiting until I can get my head into the right mode for it — it takes a particular mental attitude to get the voices of the different narrators for this, but the actual new writing involved will probably only take a long weekend when I do it. This should be out at the back end of this year or early next year, but I can’t announce it until the final draft has been accepted.

The Doctor Who: Fifty Stories book should be finished in draft by the end of this month, and should be out in November. This is currently at 61,000 words, but will have grown by at least another 12,000 words, probably closer to 15,000, by the end. I’m hoping to have this for sale at Thought Bubble on November 23 and 24.

The California Dreaming book is in the research stage, but has been fully funded by the Kickstarter, so I’ll be starting to post essays from that here in a couple of months, after the third Beach Boys book is finished. I have a good idea of the structure now, and expect the finished version to be done at the end of next year. That will be the very last music book I write.

The Promethea book will hopefully be serialised here and on Mindless Ones over the next few months. We’re hoping to have that done by Thought Bubble too. The only thing written for that at the moment is the introduction.

I’ll be continuing the politics book and How To Build Your Own Time Machine here soon.

I’ve got a short story outlined which has been commissioned for an anthology coming out next year. This won’t be appearing here, but does (sort of) follow up on something I’ve written earlier. I plan to get, roughly, one short story a month done and either posted here or sold to a professional outlet.

The third and last Beach Boys book will start being serialised next week, possibly tomorrow.

I do plan, also, to get a full-length Peculiar Branch book done this year (either continuing the one I started serialising last year, or starting from scratch).

I have *many* other things I want to write, as well — some of which I’ve started here, like How We Know What We Know, Time Detective, more Doctor Watson, the Cerebus book, and so forth — but I’m not going to do anything on them until the list of books above is down to *much* less than what it is right now. I need to get projects finished faster (although the top three projects will all be finished by the end of this month, with luck).

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3 Responses to Progress Report on Writing

  1. Holly says:

    The only thing written for that at the moment is the

    Damn, I was really looking forward to how this sentence would end!

    I was also thinking I probably should find Promethea and read it again. It’s been years.

    • TAD says:

      I think that sentence is pretty clear……..all he’s written so far is the word “the.” H ejust needs to finish off the rest of it now.

  2. David Lewis says:

    Looking forward to the beach boys book… Thought I’d missed it, but sorry to hear you’re unwell. Look after yourself!

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