Kickstart Me!

My Kickstarter project is now live. This is to see if there’s interest in my carrying on doing music books. I’ve set the level for it to be funded at only £200 — the idea is that if I can get twenty people prepared to pay the cost of a paperback, that’s enough of an audience for me to carry on, and if I can’t, it isn’t.

However, how much money this raises (if any) will determine how many (if any) future music books I do…

The project description:

California Dreaming: The LA Pop Music Scene And The 60s

A look at the LA music scene of the 60s through the lens of its greatest songs.

This will be a book looking at the LA music scenes of the 1960s, and the interaction of all the main players — the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, the Monkees, the Wrecking Crew, the Byrds, Captain Beefheart, the Turtles, Phil Spector, Love, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Kim Fowley, Harry Nilsson and more — by looking at the songs they produced, starting with the proto-surf track Moon Dawg in 1960 and ending up with Willin’ by Little Feat in 1970, and tracing the various influences and crossovers between different bands and artists.

It will involve me writing about some songs I’ve already written about in my Beach Boys and Monkees books, but rather than putting, say, Don’t Worry Baby in the context of the Beach Boys’ artistic evolution, it would be looking at it as a link between Be My Baby and Mr Tambourine Man.

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5 Responses to Kickstart Me!

  1. dhanyc says:

    Done, and done.

  2. prankster36 says:

    Pledged, and I believe I’ve put you over the top!

    I was actually a bit surprised–I started nosing around Kickstarter when it first launched and it seemed like non-Americans couldn’t participate. So I’m doubly pleased to discover that it is open to me now.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks — I think it’s US and UK only for creators, but they’re expanding it slowly…

  3. Oliver Townshend says:

    Happy to support you for at least an ebook in anything you want to kick start (I’d do books but my bookshelf is getting very crowded and the postage is high). Do you do a mail list for this? I don’t always look at your blogs, sometimes there is a gap of a month or two.

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