Just saw this, via Freakytrigger — today is the day that Harkive are doing a worldwide semi-survey of music fans’ listening habits, and since I’m off work today I thought I’d contribute. I’ll be liveblogging my music listening over the course of today in this post, though I’ll be writing some other posts…

11AM-13:00 — Woke up after a late night. Background music while going through RSS feeds, catching up on stuff I missed over the last few days (I was away, first seeing Blondie at Delamere Forest, then going to London to see the touring Beach Boys at Hyde Park). As it’s background music, it’s stuff on shuffle — in this case a playlist of some of my wife, Holly’s, favourite music. I tend to control the music that gets played in the house, so when she’s around I try (though often don’t succeed) to accommodate her tastes. Today’s playlist has mostly been Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, Simon & Garfunkel, The Duckworth Lewis Method, REM and Leonard Cohen. Undemanding, pleasant stuff.

13:00 – 15-25 Trip to the cafe, where the background music was some 70s AOR stuff. After that, Holly listening to Radcliffe & Maconie — Neil Young, Jay-Z, Rilo Kiley.

16:00-18:50 Holly listening to the two Duckworth Lewis Method albums on an endless loop.

18:50-21:30 Played a bunch of music on shuffle — Suicide, Sigur Ros, Carl Stalling, a Beatles outtake, Leonard Cohen and The Jam, before listening to a Doctor Who audio and having a lie down because I felt ill. Then watched YouTube videos of several songs from the Mike Love Beach Boys gig I was at, to help with the review I’m writing of it.

21:35 Started playing the 100-song Where The Action Is box set, from the start. Plan to play the whole thing over the next few hours, while writing my review and doing some simple line edit stuff on my novel.

01:34 AM And off to bed, having listened to the first 88 songs on Where The Action Is.

More later.

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  1. Holly says:

    I like this; I’ve had more than usual effect on your music intake today. :)

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