Linkblogging For 03/07/13

Just so people know what’s going on with my blogging at the moment:
This week, I’m very busy, and so won’t be updating much except for linkblogging. In my spare time, such as it is, I’ll be writing three Who posts to go up next week.
Next week, I’ll post up those three Who posts. I’ll also post reviews of Mike Love’s Beach Boys and Blondie, both of whom I’m planning on seeing this weekend. I’ll also post reviews of some or all of: Charles Stross’ Merchant Princes books, More Tales Of The City, The Long War, and any other books I read over the next few days (I’m reading a lot of Doctor Who spinoffery at the moment because Big Finish had a sale *just* after I bought a load of stuff from Obverse — but I won’t review all of that here).

But next week I will be off work, and spending most of the time working on two things. The first is incorporating requested changes to my novel (I should be getting editorial notes back at the end of this week) and adding in the suggestions from my beta-readers (Phil Purser-Hallard’s suggestions will add about 10,000 words to it, which will get it up to a decent length). In my breaks from that I’ll be incorporating beta-readers’ suggestions for my Beach Boys book, indexing that, and getting it out (expect it at the back end of next week).

And depending how I feel I may write the short story I’ve been commissioned to write for an anthology — but that will require me taking on someone else’s voice, so it’ll depend on when I’m in the mood for that.

Once I’ve got those projects cleared, I’ll be able to start my next two big projects — the book on Promethea (with Holly), and a series of essays on my political views. I’m hoping to have both the Promethea book and the Fifty Stories done in time for Thought Bubble in November.

So… stuff’s happening.

But for now, links.

Plok has two very long parts of a very long (but so far very good) THING about comics — Principia Comicbookia part one, part two.

David Nutt on Theresa May’s banning of qat

A demolition of the claim that Pandora (and other streaming radio) underpays musicians and songwriters compared to the radio

Finally a WIPO treaty gives extra rights to ordinary readers (in this case blind ones) rather than to big corporations.

How the idea of ‘maximising shareholder value’ came about, and why it is wrong.

How the belief that “writing is rewriting” came from the modernists

Alex Wilcock on setting pirate capitalists on companies that haven’t paid their taxes.

And Planet Littlewood. Sharing that to share Alex’s description of it from when he shared it on Lib Dem Voice — “A vision of Mark Littlewood’s dystopian call to brand every benefit recipient. Disclosure of interest: I’m on benefits. Mark Littlewood has owed me £80 for three years now. Obviously, he won’t mind me publishing that.”

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