The email I just sent Amazon

I recently purchased from you the box set “Where The Action Is” in MP3 form.
I am a user of the GNU/Linux operating system, and previously when I have bought albums from Amazon, while the Amazon MP3 downloader has been unavailable for that platform, I have been able to obtain the .amz file and download the MP3s using clamz.
Now, however, I am blocked from accessing the .amz file, and thus blocked from downloading tracks except one at a time. There are *a hundred* tracks on that box set. To download a track requires four mouse clicks — deselect previous track, select new track, click “download”, click “OK” — not to mention that there is no option given to select the download location, meaning I then have to move all the tracks to my music library afterward.
I have RSI. Can you explain why you are deliberately making what was previously a two-click download into a four-hundred-plus-click download? This is a deliberate decision on Amazon’s part, and one that benefits no-one while harming many customers.
I am a Prime member, and spend a great deal of money at Amazon. I currently have open pre-orders totalling nearly £200.
If the ability to access the .amz files so that GNU/Linux users can download the albums they purchase in the same way as other users is not restored, then I shall have no alternative but to start using 7digital or Google Play to purchase MP3 albums, as both those music stores allow all their users to download music on the same basis.
If that happens, I shall also be cancelling my Prime membership, cancelling my pre-orders, and looking elsewhere for my purchases of physical media.

Again, please advise as to why you have decided to ensure that I can’t download the music I have purchased.

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4 Responses to The email I just sent Amazon

  1. Quint says:

    On a slightly related note, did you see that Amazon now has a new offer whereby they automatically upload every physical album (cd’s only I believe) you’ve purchased (including all albums in the past) from them into your digital library for no fee at all. These you can also download to any local drive. Quite a good offer I must say.

    But yeah to come back to your complaint, I’ve never had this problem so can’t really comment. Is this purely because your on Linux?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, I saw that — and it’s vinyl as well — and was very impressed.
      And yep, it’s only because I’m on GNU/Linux. They made a very recent decision to actively block GNU/Linux users (and users of other operating systems like BSDs, Solaris and so on) from downloading full albums the way Windows and Mac users can.

      • Quint says:

        Ugh, that’s just dumb. You know, every time Amazon does something to hint they could actually not be as bad as they usually come across as, they do something like this, which just fundamentally undermines any good will they’ve build up. Hope you get a reply from them and it gets sorted though.

  2. Mardler says:

    No, not just Linux users, I use a PC/W7 and now can’t download mp3s without using the Amazon software. Dumb!

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