Now I’ve Finished The Beach Boys Posts…

For now at least (book three will come early next year), I can start on the next project. I’m going to try to write, and serialise, a “young adult” book on here over the next few weeks.

As with all my projects, it may fizzle out, or it may be great.

While the first chapter (later tonight) may seem topical, I actually had the idea a little while back (I emailed a few people about it at the time).

So, in an hour or two, look for chapter one of How To Build Your Own Time Machine

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3 Responses to Now I’ve Finished The Beach Boys Posts…

  1. TAD says:

    Cool, I look forward to reading it. I often wonder where I would go, if I had a time machine. Assuming I could get back to the present again. My first choice would be to go into the ancient past (2 millioni years ago, 10 million years ago, etc.).

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Oh, I’d be far more ambitious than that. I’d investigate whether we live in a causal, deterministic singular universe, an acausal nondeterministic multiverse, or some combination of the two, and depending upon the answer give myself enough computing power to become a weakly godlike entity and bend the whole universe to my will.

      Or just go and look at dinosaurs.

      You can tell I’ve thought about this, can’t you? ;)

  2. TAD says:

    I wouldn’t turn down a trip to see dinosaurs, obviously! The 2 million year mark is big for me though…..I’d love to see how human our ancestors from that time were. Would I recognize the humanness in them, that was to come later? Was an Australopithecine more than just an upright walking chimp-like creature? Did they use some kind of primitive language? Did they interact with each other in a way that I would recognize as human-ish? I’d love to see.

    The multiverse quest doesn’t interest me much. It just confuses me, honestly.

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