Linkblogging For 10/06/13

I’m hoping to get my post on Carl Wilson’s Youngblood up tonight, but I had hardly any sleep last night and need a nap now I’ve finished work, and have been known to have after-work naps that last until 8AM, so in case that accidentally happens, here’s some links.

I’m so very, very old…

Texas law does NOT allow you to shoot a prostitute who refuses sex. You know that thing you’ve all been sharing? It’s not true. That probably goes for any other thing you’ve all been sharing, like the one about what “blood is thicker than water” means.

I’m grumpy because I’m tired.

Teatime Brutality on another thing being shared around Tumblr, and the way Tumblr sharing works. Absolutely fascinating piece of writing.

Charles Stross on Iain Banks

Alex Wilcock on the best scenes with the Master in Doctor Who

Was the communications data bill a cover for PRISM?

And Millennium reviews Lawrence Burton’s wonderful novel Against Nature, which I’ve been promising to review for weeks now but haven’t yet, because it’s a good enough book that I need to pay attention to the review. But I agree with pretty much everything in this review.

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