Linkblogging For 7/6/13

Just a few quick ones.

First, More Tales Of The City, the new City Of The Saved short story anthology, is out from Obverse Books (ebook, paperback). I’ll have a review up in a few days — Obverse are putting out so much good stuff I barely have time to read it all, let alone formulate a coherent critical response.

Would PR Spell The End Of The Liberal Democrats?. Yes. And of the other parties too. I’ve been saying for years that I’m a Lib Dem because I want to see all the current parties smashed, and a decent electoral system will do that (if and when that happens I’ll remain in one of the splinters of the Lib Dems, because I’m a liberal as well as a democrat).

Slapstick In Action

Why There Should Be A Science Museum In Manchester

The Dangerous Urban-Rural Divide In English Politics

Millennium on Matt Smith

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