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Just to say that the SEO spammers emailed me today, trying to bribe me to mention the site and link to the site on my blog. So I’m doing that. Don’t buy from these people, they pay SEO spammers.

They did this, because “they saw I’d linked to a competitor site” — in fact the link was in a comment, four years ago, and not an entirely complimentary one. Annoyingly, they had time to run a whois on my site and scrape the email address I used to register it (not the one I give to people in comments, or that is associated with this wordpress account, so I know that’s how they got it) but not enough time to bother checking the context of the link.

But they asked if I’d give their clients a mention and a link, and so I have.

As a great aardvark once said “you can get what you want and still not be happy”.

This may not be the most widely-read blog on the internet, but I am proud of the readership I do have. Proud enough that when I review things by people I know I always declare the interest. Proud enough that I pay money *not* to have advertising on this blog, so my readers don’t have to put up with it. Proud enough not to sell my opinions and their eyeballs.

If you want me to link to, and endorse, your business, there’s a simple way to do so — provide a good product or service that I buy and use. Now as it happens I do, quite often, buy nutritional supplements online. I can guarantee that I won’t be using to do so, ever. But I can definitely recommend, one of their competitors, who have always been very reliable and who, crucially, have not only never tried to pay me for my opinions, but have also only very rarely emailed me at all, and only about products it is reasonable to think I might wish to buy given what I’ve purchased from them in the past. They also have a 10% offer on this week. Why not buy something from them?

NOTE: There are varying definitions of spam. Here I am using the word to mean “unsolicited commercial email”. I do not imply that the message was sent in bulk, which appears in some definitions.

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