Current writing plans

Just so people know what my current plans are…

I’ve had no reliable home net access for a month now, and that’s not only stopped me posting here as much, it’s also stopped me writing much (you’ve no idea how often you need to Google details until you stop having Google). But home net access comes back tomorrow (though I have a visitor staying tomorrow night, and plans for the weekend), and so I thought you might want to know my plans.

The Fifty Stories… posts will be going to twice-weekly on Mindless Ones, with a second post replacing the new-Who review (as I’ve not been able to see that for a month) in a desperate attempt to get the series of essays done before November. If people still like them, that will become a book.

I’ll be restarting the Beach Boys posts next week (I’ve got the Pacific Ocean Blue/Bambu post mostly done, but need to fact-check it when I have a spare few hours). Those *should* come at a rate of no fewer than one a fortnight until I get up to date, and make volumes two and three of that book.

I’m getting the comments back on the first draft of my novel in a week or so, and will be delivering the second draft some time in June. Once that’s done I should be able to let people know more about that, and have a lot more time for this site (both writing and discussion).

I will *definitely* write about Grant Morrison’s Multiversity (also known as the first comic I’ve been really interested by in about eighteen months), either here or on Mindless Ones, as soon as it starts coming out.

Once the Fifty Stories posts have finished on Mindless Ones, I plan to start writing the book about Promethea I’m doing with my wife, Holly, parts of which will go on that site and parts here. Once *that’s* finished, I’ll start the Cerebus book I keep promising to do.

I’m also working on more short fiction, and have at least two ideas for new novels — and those will be serialised here first, rather than going through a publisher. Much as I’m excited about the novel I’m working on now, and I’ve enjoyed working with Obverse, outlining before writing doesn’t work for me, which is why the process has been so much slower than I expected (and pretty much taken up all my writing time for the last year).

I’ve also got some ideas for a series of political essays, but they’ll need a lot of research.

I’m also planning to start posting stuff here that *isn’t* intended for a book, again — this is something else that has fallen by the wayside with the mammoth task of getting this novel done.

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3 Responses to Current writing plans

  1. TAD says:

    Looking forward to your POB review. I actually think that album is *slightly* over-rated (I don’t think it’s a masterpiece), but it is very good and it’s debateably the best solo album any Beach Boy ever did.

    • It’s a good ‘un, but it’s hard to write about, because it doesn’t really sound like anything else, and it’s all very much of a piece — there’s not that much variation there, so you can’t say “this is the blues one, this is the jazz one” or whatever, you have to say “this is a mid-tempo intense rock ballad with an arpeggiated piano part” over and over.

      • TAD says:

        I think Dennis’ solo stuff is best approached almost as if he weren’t a Beach Boy, if that makes sense. Artistically, Dennis was better off without the other Beach Boys. They held him back. All of hte other Beach Boys needed each other artistically, in different ways. But not Dennis. Not that he was the best or most talented, but he was the most self-contained perhaps. Looking forward to reading your review!

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