RIP Ray Harryhausen

Very, very sad to hear that Ray Harryhausen, one of the great filmmakers of all time, has died aged 92. Normally I’d post a selection of YouTube moments from his films here, but I don’t have the bandwidth to look for them. Anyway, if you’re anything like me, the best moments are burned into your brain.

The films he worked on were often flawed — the directors and actors in the live-action parts were nowhere near his level of talent — but Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation elevated them. His creations were beautifully crafted, but more than that they had real character — he learned well from Willis O’Brien.

I was lucky enough to see Harryhausen talk about his work at the Media Museum in Bradford six or seven years ago, and to briefly tell him how much I loved his work, and though he must have been at least eighty-five even then, he still had the recall and vitality of many people half his age.

He’ll be missed.

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