Linkblogging for 04/05/13

I’ve got some limited connectivity again, but unfortunately I’ve been made so ill from the stress of the last few weeks that I’m not able to write. I’m hoping to be well enough tomorrow to travel to London to see Van Dyke Parks (I’d better be — I already bought the ticket for the show and for the bus down there) and if I do you can expect a review on Monday. If I *don’t* then I’ll try to get a 50 Stories Who post up on Mindless Ones tomorrow — I can’t watch any more of the current series until I get my own network connection back — and the post on Pacific Ocean Blue up for Monday. I’ll also, if I stay home, be putting out a little ebook-only release I think will be quite fun to write (it’ll only be 10,000 or so words at most, so I should be able to do it over the long weekend).

Meanwhile, links:

Paul Magrs takes a transphobic Doctor Who fan to task

Lee Griffin explains the new orphan works provisions in UK copyright law
Iain Coleman is looking at each TV Doctor Who story, from the beginning, from a scientific point of view
Alex Wilcock remembers the Labour party in government and discusses a book by Conrad Russell.
Sean Carrol on bad science reporting
The person who killed the snooper’s charter
The Heresiarch on Richard Dawkins once again criticising something he doesn’t understand
And Scott Aaronson on the US Congress’ attack on science

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