Brief update on the phone/internet situation

Thanks to Dave Page, I now have something approaching an internet connection at home — a borrowed cast-off smartphone acting as a wifi hub, which gives me a very small level of connectivity.

Sadly the comment on the Mindless Ones list (“Just think how much he’ll be writing without the net to distract him!”) couldn’t be further from the truth. Without any ability to research anything, and with so much time taken up with talking to incompetents at phone companies, coupled with the extra time every day lost to commuting to work, thanks to not being able to work from home, I’ve written precisely nothing in the last week.

Emailing BT’s chief executive got an immediate response, and got me in touch with someone who appears competent, who is working on getting the phone and net back, but that probably won’t be til the middle of next week.

Emailing TalkTalk’s chief executive got a ‘goodwill’ offer of £15.60, when we were paying £19.20 per month for their tenth-rate broadband service, along with me being told “I’ve listened to the call and it was only twenty-one minutes” (note “the call” singular — there were at least four to TalkTalk alone).

When I said my goodwill could not be bought so easily and that I considered this insulting in the extreme, I was asked if it would make any difference if the offer was put in writing.

So, in conclusion, TalkTalk are incompetent and actively customer-hostile from the lowest call centre worker right up to the chief executive, and there is no possible way ever of resolving a problem with them, and if you’re with them your best bet is to change ISPs as quickly as possible. BT, on the other hand, *may* have at least one competent person working for them — the jury’s still out on that.

Meanwhile, I *may* be able to read my emails occasionally over the next few days, if this smartphone keeps working, but am still not contactable by telephone.

(Also, I’ll be in That London on Sunday/Monday, watching Van Dyke Parks).

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