BT are bastards

This is Holly (Andrew’s wife). I’ve been asked to tell you that BT have royally fucked up our phone and internet. We’re not expecting it to be fixed in less than a week.

In however long it takes for it to get sorted, Andrew won’t be able to access his blog (I’m updating this from my smartphone, and he doesn’t even have a mobile), or to reply to comments, or to moderate comments from people who haven’t commented before.

It also means he won’t be on Twitter or Facebook and is unlikely to get e-mail unless you know his work address (because he doesn’t feel comfortable using the internet for any personal reasons at work).

People who know me can get in touch via my e-mail address or mobile number.

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3 Responses to BT are bastards

  1. Jen says:

    I know it’d be a bit of a bind, but there is a house here two streets away with internets in it, and a spare PC or a wifi password.

  2. TAD says:

    Andy never responds to comments anyway, so us followers of his blog won’t notice a difference. :)

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