Brief Update for Those Interested in my Fiction

 (I’m writing this on my lunch-break so keeping it brief).

I sent off the first draft of my new novel to beta-readers and the publisher for feedback a week ago. My own view on it at the moment is that the first half (or so) is extremely good, while the second half needs a lot of work, but I need feedback on what needs fixing. Luckily, my beta-readers all seem to agree with me about the first half (no-one who’s given me feedback has got to the end yet).

It’ll be another few weeks before I get all the feedback in, get some distance from the first draft, and start on the second draft, so in the meantime I’ve been working on short fiction. I wrote a story on Tuesday and Wednesday nights which I’m in the process of sending round the magazines, and which will appear here (and for sale on Smashwords/Kindle) if the three markets I think it might fit turn it down. I’m hoping to do at least one short story a week between now and the middle of next month (when I plan to start draft two of the novel).

I also recently heard that the anthology to which I sold a story two years ago (which was delayed by Stuff) is going to be coming out next year, and there’s the strong possibility that I’ll have a story in another anthology next year.

Once I’ve got this novel out the way, I intend to finish off the long Peculiar Branch story I started serialising here a year ago (I’ve also got a great idea for a short story in that world, but that’s a Christmas story, and I didn’t have time to write it for last Christmas), which will probably end up being the length of a short novel. And I should have at least one more Doctor Watson story written before the end of the year.

So while I’ve not posted much fiction on here for about a year, more will be along very shortly.

(In other news, I’ll have my review of last week’s Doctor Who up tonight, and should have my piece on Pacific Ocean Blue up here tomorrow).

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