Linkblogging For 17/04/13

I was hoping to have a new Who post up today, but I got hit with a short story idea last night and I’m busy writing that (I think it may well be saleable to a magazine — if it isn’t, it’ll end up on here as usual) so you get some links instead.

Also, someone poke me when I have a little time to review Against Nature by Lawrence Burton, Senor 105: Horizon by Philip Purser-Hallard and TARDIS Eruditorum Vol 3 by Phil Sandifer. The very short version is that they’re all excellent and you should buy loads of copies of them all and make them all rich, but I do have things to say about them too, when I’ve finally got some time.

Is electoral reform coming sooner than we think?

Your lifestyle has already been designed

Gavin Robinson describes Cromwell’s funeral

“Do you use boy words or girl words?”

The Aporetic on the bitcoin bubble

Andrew Rilstone on the Doctor

Where Are All The Right-Wing Standups? Asks (and answers) Stewart Lee

Lies, Damned Lies, And Facebook

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